Tigrux's festival binaries

Welcome to festival-gaim project.

NOTE: I have lost my Mandrake system so I will not be making binaries anymore (rpm or else) so please do not email asking me about them. It is very easy to compile by source and install. If you need to contact me please do so at yahoo as that is my most checked email! Thanks y'all! - Rishi

Current Version: 1.1

Festival-gaim is meant to be enhance your enjoyment of the popular Gaim program by interfacing w/ the popular speech program festival. It pipes the Instant Messages you receive into festival and voila you have your friends talking to you. As of now support is only for English, Spanish and Portuguese. If you wish to add translations of other languages please let me know.

As of now you can download the rpms or source. The rpms are compiled on Mandrake 10 for Gaim 1.00. If you wish to use on other distro's try it, and let us know if it doesn't work.

Original Author: Sandino Flores Moreno (Tigrux)
Rewritten/updated: Rishi Sharma (TeraBapu).

You can contact us
Sandindo Flores @ saflores at (hot)mail com (remove the ()s )
Rishi Sharma @ rishsharma at yahoo!/hotmail/gmail com